5489_99444052705_1867617_n“The California-based Cinema Strange Project made headlines around the world when they completed a 1/20th scale model of Big Ben using toothpicks, fly legs, and fingernail clippings. The unpredictable ensemble commented, “We’ve played music in Europe a bunch of times, we’ve made films about zombies and dancing military men, and we made our last album like a story book. The Big Ben model was a logical next step.”

The band is infamous in the North American gothic scene for their unique and theatrical stage shows, sometimes involving up to a dozen or more actors and performance artists. Their music, while originating humbly in 1994 as a high-tempo gothic post-punk expression, has evolved into a bizarre and exciting species of musical storytelling, breaking new ground and taking over where bands like the Virgin Prunes left off.

After two self-released records and two albums with the German label, Trisol, they have left an unidentifiable but very real mark on the world gothic scene, and it’s anyone’s guess what they’ll do, or where they’ll be, or who they’ll claim to be next.”

– Retch Dempsey, February, 2003 (Press bio from the CS site)


On January 18th 2008 Trisol will release the 2nd album from The Deadfly Ensemble[1]. On “A seed catalog for extinct annuals” the solo project of Cinema Strange founding member Lucas Lanthier creates what they call “a whole new theater of art-rock possibilities somewhere between Current 93 and the legendary Virgin Prunes.”


Current Project Members

  • Lucas Lanthier, aka “Zampano”: Founding C.S. member. Lucas sings and composes music and words for the Project. He is the founder of his side project, The Deadfly Ensemble and plays for Shanghai Triad as well.
  • Michael Ribiat, aka “Lafitte”: Mik plays guitar and other instruments and composes music for the Project.
  • Daniel Ribiat, aka “Yellow”: Founding C.S. member. Daniel plays bass and other instruments and composes music for the Project.
  • Danny Walker, aka “Ted”: Mister Walker plays drums for the Project.

Past Project Members

  • Colin O’Donnell: Founding member, original guitarist. Colin wrote many of the early C.S. songs, including “Sadist Sagittarius” and “Golden Hand”.
  • Alejandro Restrepo: Founding member, original drummer. Alex co-wrote much of the early material. He presently plays in the Oakland band, The Death of a Party
  • James Philip Ribiat, aka “Pan”: James has served as drummer for Cinema Strange on several memorable occasions.
  • Ron Ribiat: Ron, the oldest Ribiat brother, played guitar briefly for the project, circa late ’94.
  • Hirad Dadgostar: Master Dadgostar was briefly involved with the project circa mid-’95. He wrote some of the parts in “Moundshroud”.


Studio albums

Release Title Label
1994 Self-titled 5-song demo tape
1996 Six-song cassette Acrobat Amaranth Automaton
1999 Falling… Caterwauling Exclusive CD
2000 Cinema Strange Trisol, Germany
2002 The Astonished Eyes of Evening Trisol, Germany
2004 A Cinema Strange 10th Anniversary Novelty Product Trisol, Germany
2006 Quatorze Examples Authentiques du Triomphe de la Musique Décorative Trisol, Germany


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