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Intronaut is a progressive metal band from Los Angeles, California.

Their style, while rooted in metal, is extremely forward-thinking and psychedelic, complete with complex polyrhythms, intense, haunting melodies, and vocal harmonies, combined with progressive and jazzy instrumental breaks.[1][2][3] Their sound incorporates traits from prog rock, psychedelic/stoner rock, Indian, African, and Afro-Latin rhythms, as well as a heavy jazz influence.[4]


Intronaut features guitarist/vocalist Sacha Dunable, guitarist/vocalist/percussionist David Timnick, drummer Danny Walker, and bassist Joe Lester. In 2005, Intronaut released a four-track demo entitled Null – Demonstration Extended Play Compact Disc. They signed to Goodfellow Records in October, and in early April 2006, recorded Void at Shiva Industries in Santa AnaCalifornia with producer John Haddad.

In August 2007, guitarist/vocalist Leon del Muerte left the band to focus on his Murder Construct project. He was replaced by Dave Timnick.[1]

Shortly thereafter Intronaut toured Europe for the first time, supporting the experimental metal band The Ocean.

In January 2008, the band announced that they had signed a world wide deal with Century Media Records, and completed their next album, Prehistoricisms.[5] They also covered Eyehategod’s Dixie Whiskey for the Century Media 20th Anniversary cover album.

In April 2009, Intronaut went on tour with Kylesa and Mastodon to support Mastodon’s release of Crack the Skye.[6]

In October 2009, Intronaut played several shows in front of thousands of fans in Kolkata and in Pragati Maidan, Delhi for the Great Indian Rock Festival XIII.

In the summer of 2010, Intronaut released their third full-length album, Valley of Smoke, featuring a guest appearance from Justin Chancellor from Tool.

In late 2010, Intronaut opened for Cynic as part of Cynic’s “Re-Traced/Re-Focused Tour” all over the United States and Canada, and shortly thereafter toured North America again opening for Helmet.

In mid-2011, Intronaut toured Europe with The Ocean and Red Fang, then toured North America with Animals As LeadersDead Letter Circus, and Last Chance to Reason, and then toured Europe again with Ghost Brigade and A Storm of Light.

In early 2012, Intronaut supported Tool on the first leg of their North American tour. [7] After the tour they plan on starting to write a new record. [8]



  • Null – Demonstration Extended Play Compact Disc (2005, self-released)
  • Null (2006, Goodfellow)
  • The Challenger (2007, Translation Loss)

Studio albums


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