Murder Construct is an American deathgrind band from Los Angeles, California. The band members are Travis Ryan (Cattle Decapitation), Leon del Muerte (Nausea LA, ex-Exhumed, ex-D.I.S., ex-Intronaut, ex-Impaled, ex-Phobia), Chris McCarthy (Exhausted PraterDreaming Dead), Caleb Schneider (Bad Acid Trip) and Danny Walker (Intronaut, Exhumed, ex-Jesu, ex-Uphill Battle).


Murder Construct was formed in 2001 following Leon del Muerte’s departure from Impaled. The band then went through several line-up changes and subsequently the band went on hiatus while del Muerte rejoined Exhumed, and later Phobia and Intronaut.

The band was re-formed in August 2006, when del Muerte left Intronaut. The band then recorded a self-titled 7-song EP. On March 27, 2010, the band played its first show. In August 2010, the band signed with Relapse Records.[1] The band toured with Kill the Client and Venomous Concept in September 2010. In November 2010, Relapse Records released their self-titled EP.

In June 2012, Relapse Records announced the debut album cover and title, Results.[2] The album was released on August 28, 2012. In February 2013, the band parted ways with Kevin Fetus, and were joined by new guitarist Chris McCarthy. Murder Construct then tracked a Disrupt cover for a tribute to Disrupt, to be released on Power It Up Records.[3]


  • Murder Construct EP (2010)
  • Results (2012)

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