Uphill Battle was an American metalcore band with elements of grindcore. The group was based out of Santa BarbaraCaliforniaUSA.

Uphill Battle got some recognition releasing their self-titled record on Relapse Records. Combining grindcores speed with a hardcore sense of tension, Uphill Battle’s hectic riffing, strafing percussive assault and tortured vocals bled conviction and proved the band to be one of the scene’s brightest hopefuls. A tour slot as part of the 2003 Relapse Records Contamination Tour alongside label-mates MastodonCephalic Carnage and Dysrhythmia immediately followed, exposing the band to entirely new audiences.

Uphill Battle released their 2nd full-length, Wreck of Nerves in 2004. In 2005, Uphill Battle disbanded, leaving behind Blurred, a collection of their pre-Relapse rarities including demo and compilation tracks.

Full Length Album(s)


  • Blurred – (2006)


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