Born in Santa Monica, CA, December 25th 1981, raised by a musical family in the suburbs of Camarillo, CA. Exposure to drumming began by banging on pots and pans as a toddler. Eventually, graduating to a professional kit by the age of 8. Originally self-taught, but instructed professionally by 10 years of age. Studied a variety of styles ranging from rock and funk to Latin and jazz.

First earned respect as a drummer playing in local bands throughout Ventura County, California. Most notably with Uphill Battle, a hardcore band from (1998-2004.) They toured North America, Canada and released three albums; Uphill battle, Wreck Of Nerves and Blurred.

2002 Joined avant-garde death rock band Cinema Strange. The band toured broadly through North America, Europe, Japan and Mexico also releasing two records; “A Cinema Strange 10th Anniversary Novelty Product” & “Quatorze exemples authentiques du triomphe de la musique décorative.” Active with band (2002-2006.)

2003 Filled in often for death metal group Exhumed and toured North America, Canada, Europe, Japan, and Australia supporting their “Anatomy Is Destiny” record.

2004 Danny and guitarist Sacha Dunable founded the progressive metal group Intronaut. The group’s sound was a fresh direction and a great vehicle for establishing versatility as a player. This experience provided an opportunity to work on groove, dabble in odd meters and polyrhythms. By 2005 Uphill Battle had broken up and Danny moved to Los Angeles to pursue Intronaut full time. The band worked with Danny from 2004-2018. During this period the group released the 2 eps and 5 full length albums; Null, Void, The Challenger, Prehistoricisms, Valley Of Smoke, Habitual Levetations and Direction Of Last Things. The group toured all over the United States, Canada, Europe, India and Mexico. Toured with bands such as Tool, Mastodon, Meshuggah, Between The Buried and Me, Animals As Leaders, Cynic, Enslaved, High On Fire, Isis and Helmet.

Also joined Orange County grindcore group Phobia and toured with them throughout North America and Mexico. Walker so far appears on the albums; Cruel, 22 Random Acts Of Violence and Lifeless God, as well as a handful of split records. Walker has been playing drums for the group on and off, from 2004 to present time.

2007 Teamed up with Justin K Broadrick of (Godflesh, Napalm Death), and UK based group Jesu for their first North American appearance, Walker filled in for Ted Parsons of (Prong, Swans, and Godflesh.) Jesu also made their South by Southwest debut as part of a Hydra Head records showcase during this tour.

2008 Guitarist Leon Del Muerte, formerly of (Impaled, Exhumed) and Walker put together death metal group Murder Construct, featuring members of Exhumed, Impaled, Cattle Decapitation, Phobia, Uphill Battle, Bad Acid Trip, and Watch Me Burn. This California based group signed to Relapse Records and released a self-titled ep and full length record entitled “Results”.Walker played with the group (2008-2015.)

By the end of 2008, Walker temporarily collaborated with progressive hardcore group Bastard Noise, featuring bassist extraordinaire Eric Wood, formerly of (Man Is The Bastard, Neanderthal.) Walker Completed a two-week tour of Japan with the group and appeared on the album “The Red List” released in 2009.

2010 Danny re-joined forces with death metal group Exhumed to collaborate on a new record. After the group’s long hiatus, a carefully crafted line up was assembled and the group recorded the album “All, Guts, No Glory” which was released in 2011. Walker did a handful of live performances with Exhumed before parting ways again.

Also during this same year worked with psychedelic metal group Bad Acid Trip and performed on the group’s “Humanly Possible” album release in 2011.

2014 Walker was enlisted by Death Metal group, Job For A Cowboy, to fill in as a studio drummer on the album “Sun Eater.” Recorded with Jason Suecof at Audio Hammer. Also Released 2014.

Intronaut was enlisted to serve musician Ben Sharp as his backing band in the project Cloudkicker. This collaboration between Intronaut & Cloudkicker was coined “Nautkicker.” They toured North America supporting Progressive metal band Tesseract in 2014. This collaboration also did a live-to-tape recording of their set at Fathom Tree studio in Austin Texas. Century Media records released this on CD and limited edition vinyl.

At the end of 2014 Walker filled in for death metal group Cephalic Carnage, performing at the Hell & Heaven Festival in Mexico City. Headliner’s included Kiss & Rob Zombie.

2015 Joined Long Beach, California based group Blind John Pope. An old school 70s rock influenced band that can be compared to older bands such as The Allman Brothers, Neil Young and Crazy Horse or even Molly Hatchet. This groups brand of music takes a different approach – it’s minimal, it’s mellow, rustic, melancholic and dark. In 2016 the band released a short, self titled full-length album. The band is currently fine tuning music for a second album.

2017 Joined death metal supergroup Expulsion. The Southern California band consists of Matt Olivo (Repulsion), Matt Harvey (Exhumed, Gruesome) and Menno Verbaten (Lightning Swords of Death). The debut album entitled “Nightmare Future” was released on Relapse Records. Matt Harvey has since left the group. The band is currently a 3 piece and is writing material for a new album.

2018 With some down time Walker filled in on drums with Cephalic Carnage for a European tour supporting Havok, Darkest Hour and Harlott. Walker still fills in on an occasion.

2019 Relocated in Ventura County, Walker is currently a drum instructor/educator. He has since joined doom rock outfit O Zorn! The band resides in Long Beach, CA. O Zorn! is currently writing songs for a second full length album.


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  1. Looking to hire a drummer for a gig on sept 20th, mostly classic surf tunes and surf rock. If interested or would like to discuss, my name is howie and my number is 6612039906. I live in ventura

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