John Haddad – Recording Engineer/Producer

“Weather you are looking for gut pounding lightning fast drumming to ultra precise and articulate mid to slow paced drumming Danny Walker is your man, hands down!!! They can`t build robots this advanced!!!”

Josh Newell Recording Engineer/Producer

“One of my favorite things about tracking drums with Danny is that the more tedious tasks usually associated with drum tracking, like checking for bad hits or a bad feel, are basically eliminated. Comping is easy because you`re just picking the absolute best from a series of great takes.”


Ryan Butler Recording Engineer/Producer

” I`ve had the pleasure to know Danny for most of his drumming career as well as having the pleasure of recording him several times and mixing some projects he`s worked on as well. I`ve often told clients when they`ve asked me who some of the best drummers I`ve ever recorded were, Danny`s name always comes up. His dynamics, technical ability, creativity and knowledge base make him just a pleasure to work with.He`s always cheerful and fun to be around and I`m proud to have known him for so long and have been lucky enough to work with him!”



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