Meshuggah & Intronaut Orchestrate Sensory Overload At House Of Blues Anaheim!

A day before entering the studio to record their as-yet-untitled fifth full-length album with producer Josh Newell (Cynic) and Devin Townsend on the mixing console, Intronaut played a 45-minute set here and made it a truly special, exclusive occurrence for attendees. Sandwiched between two older songs that began and ended the set, they presented four brand new tunes in instrumental form, as guitarist/vocalist Sacha Dunable pointed out that the vocals for the new jams hadn’t been worked out yet. The next time they step on a stage they will most likely have vocals on these, so Intronaut fans in the audience genuinely felt fortunate to be able to experience the band’s new material in its purest incarnation.

Every time Intronaut convinces listeners that they might have hit their peak as songwriters and performers, they go on and outdo their own previous efforts. The same is the case with their brand new creations which take their progressive tendencies to unchartered extremes, encompassing an incredible degree of diversity within itself, ranging from the heaviest to the most psychedelic. The impact of their music is undoubtedly amplified live which showcases the four members’ expertise on their respective instruments. Sacha Dunable and Dave Timnick hold the forefront on guitars and vocals, meanwhile Danny Walker on drums and Joe Lester on bass (as well as with his endlessly oscillating head) embody the rhythm. Even though they were playing to the backdrop of Meshuggah’s artwork and in front of a crowd that was very much here solely for the headline act, in this writer’s completely honest opinion Intronaut stole this show, and if ever there were to be a scenario where Intronaut and Meshuggah were playing their own separate shows on the same night in town, Intronaut would be chosen within the blink of an eye.

Meshuggah & Intronaut Orchestrate Sensory Overload At House Of Blues Anaheim


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