O ZORN! recruit drummer Danny Walker!

52647508_1141670402669013_3666944701098885120_nHeavy doom rock outfit O ZORN! announced earlier this month that drummer Danny Walker has jumped on board to deliver drum duties.

Danny Walker is now the new drummer for O ZORN!

You may know his name from his stints with Intronaut, Murder Construct, Exhumed, Jesu, Job For A Cowboy, Cloudkicker, Cephalic Carnage & Uphill Battle Danny additionally plays for Groups Phobia & Expulsion.
So yeah, Danny comes from a long line of kick ass bands. We couldn’t be happier. We’re currently finishing writing songs for new album, which should see it’s way into the world this summer. His drum work, as you can imagine, is fantastic. Welcome Danny!  #dwdrums#meinlcymbals #vicfirthdrumsticks #aquariandrumheads #drums #dannywalkerdrummer

“I’m proud to announce that I am teaming up with Long Beach heavy hitters O ZORN! Their brand of heavy doom rock with a dose of punk energy Is what attracted me to these guys. They blew me away live and I think their music is fantastic and fun. At the moment we are piecing together material for an album. A lot of it is already written, but we are all contributing and I’m doing my best to embellish and bring my own style into this band. We got some shows coming up in March. If you’re interested in hearing what they’ve done in the past there’s an older album up on band camp. Check it out! Add these dudes on social media!

Bandcamp: OZORN!
Facebook: O Zorn
Instagram: ozornband


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