O ZORN! Open Up Music Video “Casket”


~Doomed & Stoned Debuts~

The first time I heard O ZORN! I thought to myself, “Now here’s a band that’s doing it right.” Dank, downtuned, and deadly, with demonic vocals to seal the deal.

As they gear up for a second album, ‘Your Killer’ (2019), the Long Beach trio is presenting us with the first single, “Casket” (available as a free download here). It is here presented as a music video which was, incidentally, filmed with two iPhones, a GoPro, a pair of strobe lights and a fog machine. That’s what I call DIY. The song itself is as grungy and gritty as you could ask for. Can’t wait for its companions to see the light of day!

Give ear…



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